Custom Homes

Custom Homes


At Glen CS Construction Inc., we provide construction services for single and multi family custom homes. We work with experienced and skilled contractors to make sure every single job is done perfectly. If you want to build a small family home, custom home, or a big mansion, we got you covered. With all types of resources at our hand, your dream home will be constructed with utmost care and with attention to detail.In addition, we also construct multi-family homes that cost less as compared to single family homes.

Process we follow:

The first step is to get your ideas and your vision and then we explore and do feasibility check on those.

  1. In next step, we provide you tailored consultation to meet your requirements and needs.
  2. Then it comes the design and blueprints of project and finalizing them with client.
  3. In next phase, construction is started on lot that includes lot preparation, foundation, and framing.
  4. In this way, all the construction is done step by step and one of our priority is always to communicate with client and to keep them posted about developments in project.
  5. Then the final approval from our client.

Our client’s satisfaction is our top priority. That is why, we always keep in touch with them to provide any support after completion of project. For more information, please contact us at +1-604-805-0004  or leave us a message at We look forward to work with you!

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