Laneway home

Laneway home


With increasing demand in housing market in Lower Mainland, city of Vancouver has allowed the construction companies to construct laneway homes in 2009 to provide houses to more and more families keeping it affordable and sustainable at same time. Laneway housing program is expected to become new way of living in Vancouver and number of permits being issued are spiking up every year.

What is a Laneway Home?

A laneway home is a small home built in your backyard and it could cover the lawn space, garage space, or an extra back driveway or parking space. It can have all the basic to high end and necessary to luxury facilities and unmatched comfort.

Why You Should Build A Laneway Home?

    1. It is another good option to earn extra renal income besides basement and main house.
    2. A laneway house will considerably increase the overall value of your property.
    3. Gives the opportunity for your family to live on same property but in different portions.
    4. It also provides more options to live on ground level.
    5. More affordable options for students, seniors, independent adults, single parents, etc.
    6. More flexibility and options for people to get settle near their workplace, educational institutes, etc.


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