Our Process

Our Process

Building  A Home: Steps we will take for you.

Building a home is not an easy task. No matter you have its experience or not, you will feel the burden on your shoulders. That is the reason we discuss and communicate with our clients to explain them all the steps from basic to advance. We listen to them so we can suggest them the best possible steps they should take.

Let’s discuss some of the main points we follow while building a home.

Step 1: Survey, Design & Approval

We do survey at the start so that we start the project on right track. We will ask you about your needs and things you would like. We will take your suggestions and combine them with the best possible measures we can take according to your inputs. We will give you a final design and ask your approval for it.

Step 2: Demolition & Grading

Demolition and grading is an important step to get things going. We will make sure we will tear down your old home in best and safe way. After the demolition step is completed the next step is grading of the land. We make sure we do the grading of land in a way that it serves as strong base for your new home.

Step 3: Foundation

After doing the grading task, we move to the most important part of house building. Its making the foundation of the home. Its important to use best suited concrete for your home. Framing and forming is also done professionally so that our base gets stronger. We make sure we take our time and do this without any error.

Step 4: Utilities

If you are not doing the utilities in the right way, they will haunt you later. So, we make sure that drainage and gas pipelines along side with hydro lines are done in a good way. Our aim is that the whole flow of utilities is tested so that there is no looking back when house is built.

Step 5: Framing & Roofing

Our next step is framing and roofing. Framing is important because It will give your home a nice look. Roofing plays an important role too. We will suggest you best roofing according to the area and weather of your environment. This step also takes a lot of planning.

Step 6: Interior Rough-Ins

It is important that you plan what you want at certain places in your home. You would want a special place for charging pots or keys or whatever. We will ask you by giving you and insight to the home. We will take note of your inputs and do the writing and all the interior rough ins according to that.

Step 7: Siding & Exterior Detailing

Now, we move to the siding and exterior detailing of your house. We consult with you about the exterior also. We make it sure we use good material as well as we are giving your home a unique look. Siding is handled professionally. Woodwork is also done according to the needs and with quality too.

Step 8: Insulation & Drywall

After siding and exterior detailing, we start doing he insulation of the walls in a professional way. This step will start giving you a touch about your new home. It is also done with a great care and high material is used in it.

Step 9: Kitchen & Bathroom

These two are one of the most important points in your home. We make sure that we design your kitchen in a way that it has enough space to cook. Bathrooms are also built and designed according to your needs and requirements. These two things make your home complete to look at.


After all the above is done your home is almost complete but this last step is really important. We make sure that we make a little garden for you where you can spend your free time with little flowers and tress planted by yourself. It adds to the beauty and comfort of the house.

Step 11: Final Inspection:

We do the final inspection carefully and we take you with us together so that you can inspect your home clearly also. We make sure we double check everything before we handle it to our clients.

Step 12: Moving Day!

Well, after all the wait when we have the permission from you to move to your new home, we do it with ease too. We don’t let you worry about all the things including moving.  We help you until you are settled in your home. We prioritize your satisfaction.

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